Gavin Mayhew: Artist, Sculpture, Art Tutor, Muralist

About Gavin Mayhew

He has exhibited his art internationally including Germany, USA, Belgium, UK and has worked on collaborative projects with other artists, dancers, and photographers throughout Europe. Other work focuses on the complexities of the human condition as shown through surreal expressions of people and sculptures, illustrating such emotions as love, hate, greed, wonder, sadness etc, and usually with a story to tell. He calls this style ‘Surreal Expressionism’. 
He is an expert in most mediums. Subjects from dance, music and sport have inspired his ‘Movement’ series which resulted in his paintings and drawings becoming more abstract and free flowing. 
Gavin is an artist, art tutor and on-line art demonstrator for an international art site.
He runs a number of art classes and courses.
In 1992 he represented County Durham in their cultural exchange scheme and staged two exhibitions in Germany.
Following two successful exhibitions in the U.S.A. in February, 1999, he returned to exhibit in the twin county of Durham, North Carolina in August, 2000.
He represented county Durham at the Municipality of Royvas Painting Festival, Crete in August, 2006
In the summer of 2008 he participated in the international arts project (England, France, Germany, Italy) ‘4elements’, exhibiting in Tübingen, Germany.
In January, 2011, he had a major exhibition of dance images at Dance City, Newcastle on Tyne.
Summer 2011, he exhibited new work with the ‘4elements’ project in the Baden-Württemberg Representation (embassy), Brussels.
Summer 2012, he exhibited new work with the ‘5elements’ project in the Kulturhalle, Tübingen, Germany
2014, Summer exhibition at the Hartlepool Art Gallery
2015, Joint exhibition in Tübingen, Germany
2017, Feren's Art Gallery Open Exhibition (Kicking off 'Hull, City Of Culture 2017')

His work has been commissioned internationally and has been featured on TV in the UK and USA
He has gained a number of regional awards for art projects and teaching.
For 4 years he ran an art holiday course in Kefalonia, Greece. The course was featured in an issue of the international art magazine ‘Artists and Illustrators’.
Summer 2012