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Bonny Price Charlie admiring my 'Native American' sculpture at the Feren's Art Gallery in Hull

Dragon panel painted to brighten up our kitchen - appropriately above the fire

One of a number of dragons painted in our campervan. This one is a table top


Made for my daughter's dragon outfit

A little bit of illusion does
you good

Painting I did for the producer of 'Wire in the Blood', with himself and Robson Green

Heading 3

Clingfilm technique
By painting colours onto clingfilm and then transferring them to a surface, you can achieve some brilliant effects such as the two examples below.
This works with water colours, acrylics and oils.

Elizabeth Furn's renditioning of flowers using the clingfilm method I taught at the last lesson.
Acrylic on card

Barbara Mullinder's spectacular cling film painting of mountains.
Acrylic on card

Latest bitching biker helmet commission - a ferocious dragon