'The Worm'  inspired by the Lambton Worm myth. Internal lights can flash in sequence to give the appearance of moving segments - like a giant worm, moving in from the cold, through the windows to the warm interior.

​2"nd worm idea inspired by the Serpentine with the segments rising from the water

The Thinker

  1. Alice 2
    Alice 2
    Sculpture of Alice. Mixed media. Life size
  2. Native American
    Native American
    Mixed media sculpture. Life size
  3. Reflections
    Mixed media sculpture of Alice
  4. Dark Fire
    Dark Fire
    Sculpture of fire. Rubber
  5. The Making of New York
    The Making of New York
    Small mixed media sculpture of the blood of man making New York
  6. Heads
    Different angles of this small pottery sculpture depicting a head
  7. Peace Offering
    Peace Offering
  8. Masquerade
    Masks on manikin
Gavin's sculptures are an interesting mixture of materials that range from clay and mixed media to manekins

As you can see, his work tends to tell a story or has an underlying message that hopefully makes the viewer stop and think

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